Used Audi TT Buying Guide

Used Audi TT Buying Guide

Used Audi TT Buying Guide

The Audi TT is one of the cutest sports coupes that still announce your presence whenever you ‘roll in.’ It is a smart looking car, perfect for people who need a fast and reliable car. There are now three generations for the Audi TT; they are the MK1, MK2, and the MK3.

Whichever model of the used Audi TT you buy, there is a guarantee you will have a great time driving this beautiful car.

To ensure you have a smooth experience after buying a used Audi TT, there are some checks you can do before purchase.

The checks are necessary to avoid huge repair costs and to help you get value for your purchase. Anyone can perform these checks if you know what to look for or you can go to the car dealers place with a mechanic.

Don’t buy a car with high emission rating

The emission from a used Audi TT can be remarkably higher if the car has not been properly maintained by the previous owner. To avoid stress, find an Audi TT with acceptable emission levels. This shouldn’t stop you from buying your dream car; you can simply find another Audi TT with low emission levels.

Ask for a recent MOT certificate

This is proof that your Audi TT has being assessed and passed the MOT tests. There is so much value in buying a used Audi TT that has passed the required MOT tests so don’t fail to check.

Do you need more power?

The different Audi TT generations have varying engine capacities. So if you are looking for a model with higher engine power, confirm that the used Audi TT you plan to buy has the engine capacity you need. You can find used Audi TT models with 264bhp 2.0 TFSI TTS Quattro, 330bhp 2.5-litre and the 350bhp engines.

General inspection

Some aspects to check during this inspection are as follows, check for signs of corrosion, rattling sounds beneath the bonnet, check the suspensions, brakes, and steering, you should also confirm that the mechatronic unit is fully functional.

The cambelt in Audi TTs should be changed every five years, and brake fluids after two years for optimum performance. You can have these factors confirmed by a mechanic.

Overall, it is a great decision to buy a used Audi TT, the different models give you options regarding specifications, and you can have peace of mind when you buy your car from a reputable used car car dealer.